Dr. Jordan Whitlock , Ph.D.

Pediatric Rare Diseases

Dr. Jordan Whitlock specializes in pediatric rare diseases. She obtained her doctoral degree in Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her expertise lies in generating patient-specific genomic sequencing data and employing computational biology methods to investigate tissue- and cell-type-specific mechanisms that underlie SETBP1-associated diseases and disorders. Her previous work has examined how a patient variant may function in different biological contexts related to SETBP1.

Her passion for rare diseases emerged in 2016, and prior to her Ph.D., she served as a program coordinator at the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute. In this role, she played a key part in a patient-centered research approach aimed at helping individuals achieve their goals in precision medicine. This involved tasks such as identifying potential candidates for drug repurposing and developing research plans.

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